Welcome to the exciting underwater game, where you can eat everyone, and grow to enormous sizes. Of course, if you are skilled enough, otherwise you will be served for lunch to other predator, which is luckier than you are. A new arcade Feed and Grow update is still in the process of development, and you can buy it for a fair price. You will be surprised that this game appeared in stores only after a month of an instant development, because it is very interesting, though the authors say that they realized only one third of everything that they plan to include in this breathtaking arcade. But believe us, his game is worth every cent spent on it, and here you will learn why it is so.

You see yourself a tiny fish that is afraid of anything, and you will be surprised how quickly you may die. If you stay still and look for the right direction to swim – get ready to become someone’s snack, so the first rule is that you should swim all the time, and hide from other fish that may consume you. You can’t eat someone straight off the way, because you should firstly bite it to death. After the fish is ready, it is dismembered into small portions, and you should just swim through those pieces with open mouth and it will come to it without any restrictions.

At first you will eat only small creatures, not even fish, but when your level will be upped, you will be able to bite and eat those, for is within your killing skills. If you be a careful observer, you may notice that big fish hardly ever eat every piece of the killed prey. If you are careful, you may consume those pieces, without killing anyone. But remember that the main aim is to destroy fish, so you should hunt anyway. When you will be a grown-up predator, there will be plenty of small fish around you as well; this is a rule of surviving in this strange and hostile world, where everyone may die because of other teeth. The bigger you grow, the easier the process of hunting is, and you even don’t have to bite anyone on the last level, because you may eat any fish just the way it is, even the biggest one. There is no end for the game right now; maybe, next updates will change the situation. And now you are just growing and eating everything that you see around you, except the fish juvenile, because they are too quick for you now.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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