If you have ever had fish tank, then you probably enjoyed watching the gracious moves of these marine creatures. You probably thought that being a fish is easy and is better than being human. If such thoughts occurred in your mind, then you should see how things look like in the reality. With the new game with the early access you may follow fish in a new survival arcade Feed and Grow with gameplay.  You will see how difficult life of a simple fish is, and how it changes with the growth of your pet.

You start the game as the smallest fish that you can only imagine. Your primary food will be crabs, starfish and even weed that you may consume before you get the second level. After you grow even a little, you may start eating fish, and the process of eating isn’t that simple as it seems. You should bite your victim many times, and then it starts looking like a ready dish, and you may open your mouth to gobble small portions. There are several modes of the game, and the most expected now is the multiplayer, because fighting with real enemies that act not like planned is much more interesting than playing against bots.

The easy mode is good only for those, who have no idea about how to play this arcade. After you learn how things are going on, you may switch to the hard mode, because here comes the fun. When you press the start button, you start to look around, and see where you can head to. After a couple of seconds something eats you, and voila, the game is over. You need to know that the sense of the arcade is movement, and if you stand still – get ready to die. At first you may consume only simple food that you don’t have to fight for, but if you notice that someone bites other fish, and you see luscious portions of food that you can’t afford at the moment, you should rush to that place, and eat as much as you can, because such nutrition will help you grow faster. When you grow to the highest available now level, there will be no need to hunt or bite anyone – you will eat fish with its bones, and you don’t need to wait for small portions. The game lasts to the moment, when you become the biggest fish in the ocean.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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