lvl 1000 mantis shrim


Sea life has many secrets, and you may be surprised to know how it is similar to our human life. There are families and predators that are ready to eat you if you make the wrong step. Of course, humans do not eat each other in the very meaning of the word, but they can do many other things to destroy their enemy. If you want to observe how various fish make their own way to become the boss of the ocean, you are welcome to a new arcade Feed and Grow. It is clear from the name what you will be dealing with, but you can’t even imagine what adventures are waiting for you here. This game isn’t completed, and the authors are always glad to see your comments on how to improve the game. But you won’t be able to give any advice, unless you test everything on your own.

You will see two locations that you may test in the cozy for you mode. The easy mode seems to be a tutorial, because you won’t be able to perform exciting tricks there. When you master the control in the game, then you’d better switch to the hard mode, that is much harder, but more challenges are waiting for you there, and you’ll be able to test this survival game for real. There are ten different types of fish that you may choose from, but make sure that you don’t eat the fish of the same type as you are. And you may consume a lot more species, ranging from tiny fish up to giant sharks. Of course, at first you can eat only weed, starfish and other small creatures, but as your fish grows, the more powerful it gets. You may do certain upgrades to your pet, and change its characteristics. Soon multiplayer will be added, and you will be able to play this survival arcade with your friends, and check out, who’s the best predator.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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