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If you want to have a dangerous pet, and your parents don’t allow you to do this, you can make everything happen, if you pick up a cool game that opens borders for you. If you like to watch different types of fish, and enjoy them in every way, then you should try new survival game Feed and Grow in full verison. It is clearly understood from the title that your main task is to eat as much as possible, and you won’t die of hunger. You may be consumed by other predators, and you should learn how to hide from them before they will reach you. If you master this skill, then the process of surviving will be much easier.

At first you may eat only small marine creatures, but they will give very slow progress. Everything can change, if you get a piece of bugger fish that died in the battle. Big fish can be killed trough biting, and then it will be given to you in form of small dishes. Big fish can leave such pieces untouched, and you may use this for your advantage. Each small portion gives you certain score, and you grow piece after piece. Now there are ten levels, up to which your fish may grow, and your task is to live for as long, as possible, otherwise you will have to restart the game from the very beginning. There comes a day, when you eat fish as a whole, without dismembering it into pieces, and you can gobble even the biggest shark without chewing. The most expected update is multiplayer, with this new mode your enemies will become cleverer, and it will be more exciting to hunt for your dinner.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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