If you dream about your own pet, but you don’t have an opportunity to take care about it, there is a nice solution for you. There are many games, where people are sentenced to death because of hunger or predators around, but you can try a game, where your main character will be fish! As it is said in the name of the game, your main function will be feeding your pet, and let them grow to the enormous sizes. You have two options, and you may choose one fish to start with. And this small creature will have to survive in a big ocean world, and sometimes it is an undertaking challenge. This game that is created by two brothers, and it is still in the process of development, and you can contribute your ides to the process of creation. Soon multiplayer will appear, granting access to citizens of various countries. If you want to eat something, you need just to open your mouth, and your prey will do everything instead of you. You may attack and bite your enemies, and this will strongly help you in the process of surviving. Remember that you can vanquish any fish, but you can’t touch those, who belong to your family. There are plenty of missions that you have to fulfill, and if you think that there are too little of them, believe us – they will be added soon.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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