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A new arcade Feed and Grow appeared very little time ago, but it is popular now, no matter that it is still under the development. It doesn’t include many interesting features, as it should, but there is a big number of updates, and you will be playing new game week after week. You may buy this game anytime you want, and be sure that updates will bring you new emotions and experience.

The game play is very simple, and you are only eating and avoiding big fish that may consume you. But if you think that it is easy, you are wrong. After you eat a certain number of prey, you will get the higher level, and eventually grow up. You should hide from bigger fish, because you may become the food as well. This is a simple rule of easy mode, but if you try a hard mode, you will be surprised how it is different from the simple levels. When you learn how everything works in the simple mode, you can come to the hard one, and start playing the real survival.

A few seconds after you decided to start the hard mode, you are thinking about where to go, and what to do. But this is a very wrong decision, because a couple of instants after the start the big shadow appears, and someone eats you; and your game is finished. You restart the game several times, and you understand that your main task is to move constantly, and hide from big predators. At first you will be able to eat only small creatures, but when you get the higher level, you can eat tiny fish, and the longer you play, the bigger you can grow. Remember that you should bite big fish, and it will become a small portion dish that you should consume. Each portion gives you a certain number of points that will contribute to the higher level of your fish. I you happen to be quicker than other fish, you will get more experience, especially if you can’t afford this type at the moment.


  • Look and walk
  • Jump, shoot

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